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Generations of French children and adults have savoured all sorts of variations of this flavourful and melting little cream. That particular one has the polish of years of cooking by all the women in my family. In season, I like to pair it with a homemade blackberry coulis, which unlike explosive raspberries subtly enhances the chocolate and gives it a final touch of class.


1l semi-skimmed milk

200 g good quality 70% cocoa dark chocolate

2 eggs

500 g blackberries

3 tablespoons sugar + a bit to sprinkle

1 tablespoon (15 g) butter

3 flat tablespoons corn flour

The quantities in the recipe make about 10 pots. These puddings are really delicious and keep well in the fridge so I find it a great shame to make them only for one meal. Plus I love the luxurious feeling of being able to finish off a weekly meal effortlessly with such a special homemade treat!

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